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Why Did We Create the VCD PLUS program?

In the vision plan marketplace, the monthly payment race to the bottom has led to vision plans that are cheap for companies, bad for the employees, and destructive for the independent optometrist. Many of those plans, created and controlled by the same companies with corporate chain store retail outlets, are built around profits rather than patients..

It’s an almost perfect machine, but there was one piece of the puzzle they ignored – member satisfaction. With Plus Plans from Vision Care Direct, your patient’s cost at time of service is affordable and your reimbursement profitable. By lowering cost at time of service payments, taking care of optometrists who recognize the benefit, our members and our providers have become our greatest advocates. Because of them, we have grown quickly in markets all over the country that we were unable to penetrate before the introduction of Plus Plans.


PLUS Provider Requirements

To qualify as a PLUS provider and to see members on the fastest growing plan VCD offers, we need to confirm that you will dispense materials meeting the PLUS allowances for a $15 member payment.

VCD PLUS covers up to a digital progressive with hydrophobic, oleophobic AR. Many providers choose to use VCD Labs to fulfill PLUS orders.

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Maximize Plus Plan Profitability with VCD Labs

Helping You Preserve Margin, Helping Your Patient Avoid Sticker Shock.

The number one complaint consumers have about all vision plans is cost at time of service.
The number one complaint among providers is low reimbursement.
VCD labs and VCD PLUS Plans provide solutions to both of these concerns.

VCD Labs was created to provide a source for the highest quality materials at fair prices for doctors. It has now been incorporated with two Vision Care Direct PLUS plan options that offer complete eyewear, frame and lenses, for $15 materials payment by the patient.

How does this affect the office? The Complete Eyewear program reimbursement on average is $152, $12 over the average reimbursement on the standard VCD plan. Not a huge number, but take $12 times the number of patients that would jump at $15 out of pocket versus the average of $150-250 spent online on inferior quality, poorly measured eyewear and you’ll start to see the profit potential of the program.

Frame and Lens Fulfillment Options
We built VCD labs to ensure that you have at least one source to fulfill the stated requirements. We built a kit of 60 fashionable and contemporary frames that VCD members and practices across the US have responded very favorably to, and we contracted with a laboratory to provide premium digital backside progressive free form lenses with AR starting at $50 to ensure your profitability with PLUS plans.

Importantly, we do not, and will never, force the use of VCD Labs with Vision Care Direct. Found a better product at a better price? Use it. Or, better, yet, let us know and we will find a way to beat it.

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